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  • Internationally-recognized methodology
  • Toxicologically and pharmacologically proven
  • Scientifically-proven method: tested by international scientists
  • On-request residence visit consultation
  • Holistic diagnosis for a speedy recovery
  • Specialized therapists for home treatments
  • Flexibility in clinic timings as per your convenience
  • Monitoring the level of improvement with before and after X-Ray reports, biochemical reports, anatomical and radio-logical reports.
  • Individual patients diagnosed and treated as per their history

OPTM HealthCare

for the treatment of diseases of the joints

It all begins with you. If you do not take care of yourself, you will not be strong enough to take care of anything in life. OPTM promises to bring a change to the life of individuals who have been suffering from chronic pain for more than 3 months. The OPTM family helps you to live your life to the fullest because untreated neck, back and cervical pain can slow you down.

What is Phytotherapy?

Phytotherapy is a non-invasive, scientifically-proven authentic process to relieve you from pain. Distinguished from other traditional approaches like medical herbalism which stresses mostly on empirical knowledge of medicinal herbs, Phytotherapy is an evidence-based medical practice and is known to be effective in chronic pain management.

  • Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Treatment of osteoarthritis
  • Treatment of osteochondrosis
  • Treatment of ankylosing spondylitis
  • Treatment of systemic diseases of connective tissue
  • Treatment of chronic venous insufficiency.
  • Treatment of diabetic retinopathy.
  • Treatment of urinary incontinence.
More than 30 years of
global research
  • Unique Biochemical test
  • CRP (Inflammation), CPK -MM (Muscle Strength test)
  • Aldolase A (Skeletal muscle degeneration test)
  • Unique Anatomical Test
  • Unique Hormonal Test
  • Radiological Test
  • Skeletal Muscle Degeneration test.
More than Five Lacs
satisfied patients
Scientifically Proven
  • Multiple papers published in internationally recognized peer reviewed journals
  • Pharmacologically and Toxicilogically proven
  • Tested by international scientists
  • Over 30 years of research has gone in to build the foundation of phytotherapy.
  • Before and After Xray reports are shown to patients to determine the level of healing.
Specialist Doctors
  • Senior consulting doctors available at all clinics
  • Residence visit for one time consultation available on request
  • The patient’s details and history are diagnosed individually by the specialists
  • Information gathered by the doctor are shared with a scientific team for right diagnosis and speedy recovery.
Convenient Service (or Doorstep Service)
  • Not just the conventional in clinic treatment
  • Specialised therapists are available for home treatments
  • Flexible timings in the comfort of your home
  • Flexible in clinic timings
we take care of our patients!
Treatment of osteoarthritis
OPTM's evidence-based therapy stimulates the generation of new cells and optimizes the functionality of existing ones. The clinically-proven formulation provide essential nutrients to restore ease of motion, reduce oxidative-stress, block inflammation and reduce pain signaling pathways and improve pain-free walking.
Treatment of Spine Degeneration.
MRI or X-Ray Reports hardly show the extent of muscle or skeleton muscle damage. At OPTM's Spine Centre, we treat complex spine disorders with extreme precision. The evidence-based phyto
protocol not only regenerates damaged muscle, but also works on overall spine functionality and disability.

• Better posture and balance
• Increase in muscle strength
• Ease of movement
• Relief from age-old, untreated pains and injuries
• Improvement in balance
• Better knee symmetry
• No dependence on painkillers and knee-cap
Our Facilities
  • The patient undergoes scientific diagnosis and consultation.
  • Outstation patients are normally advised the Outstation Program.
  • A routine which comprises of oral and topical phytomedicine which can be followed at home is advised.
  • To monitor the improvement, a weekly check-up is recommended
  • For the instation patients, they are normally guided to OPTM clinics which are closest to their homes.
  • Apart from the mandatory scientific diagnosis and consultation on their first visit, they are recommended a 21, 42 or a 60-day program.
  • To monitor the improvement, a weekly check-up is recommended.
Scientific Pain DiagnosisHuge dependence on pulse reading and X-ray reports
Scientific Anatomical Test to identify damaged musclesNo clinical studies to support claims
Radiological observation to monitor damage and improvement/Evidence-based treatmentNot backed by research and evidences
Certified by European Medical Association Germany; acknowledged by scientistsNo international certification, no evidence of recovery

With an Advanced Scientific Pain Diagnosis Technology which allows to test muscular dystrophy, inflammation, degeneration of skeletal muscle, asymmetry of knee and spine function. The evidence-based phytotherapy not only helps to regenerate damaged skeletal muscle, but also reduces inflammation, normalizes hormonal imbalance, increases bone density and boosts cartilage health.

our skills
Spine degeneration
Chronic Venous Insufficiency
Urinary Incontinence
Diabetic Retinopathy
Our Patient
Say about us
Mrs. Surekha Sanghi
Name:Mrs. Surekha Sanghi
Disorder:Recovery condition after the treatment Satisfactory, Hospitality at the clinic Excellent, Nature of staff & therapists Good
Year Of Treat ment:2017
Testimonial:Satisfied with treatment. A bit expensive but gives good results.
Mrs. Flora Patrick Carvalho
Name:Mrs. Flora Patrick Carvalho
Disorder:Osteo Arthritis
Year Of Treat ment:2016
Testimonial:The staff here is very co-operative. The treatment was very satisfying. Hope your branch opens up at Vasai(W) which will be more beneficial for people staying there.
Mrs. Smita R. Sawant
Name:Mrs. Smita R. Sawant
Disorder:Osteo Arthritis
Year Of Treat ment:2016
Testimonial:The staff are very helpful, the doctor gives a complete overview of the injury and treatment procedure. The treatment has helped me recover from my pain and feel better.
Mrs. Tulika Mishra
Name:Mrs. Tulika Mishra
Disorder:Osteo Arthritis
Year Of Treat ment:2016
Testimonial:It’s a good experience and has really helped my pain to reduce.No side effects, its a natural healing method.
Mrs. Preeti Vora
Name:Mrs. Preeti Vora
Disorder:Joint Knee Pain
Year Of Treat ment:2016
Testimonial:I am very happy I came to OPTM. I couldn’t walk or stand but all thanks to OPTM I can now work and do all my activities without pain. I feel my knees have become stronger and also the joint alignment is better. I am overall 70-80% better.The oil constituents used are organic which is a plus point. I would love to recommend OPTM to anybody and everybody suffering from aches and pain. Thank you.
Mr. Ashok V Mate
Name:Mr. Ashok V Mate
Disorder:Recovery condition after the treatment Satisfactory, Hospitality at the clinic Excellent, Nature of staff & therapists Good
Year Of Treat ment:2017
Testimonial:Thankyou OPTM, Dr.Snehal and Akhilesh in taking nice care. The process is slow, treatment a bit costly.
Mrs. Komal Raju Jogi
Name:Mrs. Komal Raju Jogi
Disorder:Osteo Arthritis
Year Of Treat ment:2016
Testimonial: Recovery condition after the treatment Satisfactory, Hospitality at the clinic Excellent, Nature of staff & therapists Good
Charlotte Charles
Name:Charlotte Charles
Disorder:Joint Knee Pain
Year Of Treat ment:2015
Testimonial:Knee pain was less
Mrs. Bhavani Shankar
Name:Mrs. Bhavani Shankar
Disorder: Knee Joint Pain
Year Of Treat ment:2017
Testimonial:Good staff, good treatment. Very satisfied and will recommend OPTM to everyone feeling knee pain. Thanks and best wishes.
Mrs. Amita Mitra
Name:Mrs. Amita Mitra
Disorder:Osteo Arthritis
Year Of Treat ment:2016
Testimonial:OPTM Treatment is Scientific and also satisfactory. I am feeling much better after treatment.
Mr. Anjan Bose
Name:Mr. Anjan Bose
Disorder:Knee Joint Pain
Year Of Treat ment:2017
Testimonial:OPTM Treatment is better than any other treatment. The staff and therapists are well behaved and cordial.
Mrs. Asitendu Roy
Name:Mrs. Asitendu Roy
Disorder:Osteo Arthritis
Year Of Treat ment:2017
Testimonial:Treatment at OPTM is good. Phyto medicine provided is very helpful.
Mrs. Bani Mahata
Name:Mrs. Bani Mahata
Disorder:Osteo Arthritis
Year Of Treat ment:2017
Testimonial:Procedure and Mode of Treatment is satisfactory.
Mrs. Archana Pradhan
Name:Mrs. Archana Pradhan
Disorder:Osteo Arthritis, Lumbar Spondylosis
Year Of Treat ment:2017
Testimonial:I was suffering with knee joint pain and cervical Spondylosis for a long period. I took 42 days treatment and now I am fully cured. I am totally satisfied with the treatment.
Mr. Yuvaan Singh
Name:Mr. Yuvaan Singh
Disorder:Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)
Year Of Treat ment:2017
Testimonial:DMD is an incurable disease. I am very thankful to Dr. Ganguly that he has formulate such medicines which work in direction of improving the patient’s condition. 42 days is a very short span to assess the improvement of my son’s condition. I am sure Dr. Ganguly will be able to cure m son within 6 months.
Mrs. Mumpee Bhowal
Name:Mrs. Mumpee Bhowal
Year Of Treat ment:2017
Testimonial:It was good enough to be here. Excellent treatment and therapy. We will continue to expect this excellence with you always.
Mrs. Padma Dutta Gupta
Name:Mrs. Padma Dutta Gupta
Year Of Treat ment:2017
Testimonial:After 21 days therapy, feeling a lot better. I think I will get better day by day with OPTM treatment.
Mrs. Rama Sengupta
Name:Mrs. Rama Sengupta
Disorder:Knee Joint Pain, Muscle Cramps, Back Pain
Year Of Treat ment:2017
Testimonial:I am very much satisfied and pleased to visit here and get the treatment. My recovery post OPTM treatment is excellent.
Mr. Samir Kumar De
Name:Mr. Samir Kumar De
Disorder:Spondilytis, Osteo Arthritis, Post operation stiffness on knee joint
Year Of Treat ment:2017
Testimonial:Today I have completed my 42 days package treatment by OPTM (4 limbs, whole body) . I got to know it through Zee Bangla show “Baithar Sesh Kotha”. Dr. Apurba Ganguly, Chief Sicientific officer & Head of OPTM explains about phyto therapy in his clinics.  I am deeply impressed with his knowledge as his treatment method is fully scientific and based on measurement of some parameters of specific organs in our body at every week by experienced doctors during the tenure of package.
I am 79 and suffering from various physical ailments, cervical, lumbar spondilytis , osteo arthritis since long time. During my treatment at OPTM, doctors weekly report show my improvement conditions.

I hereby convey my heartiest thanks to the entire OPTM team for taking care of me and treating me with their best knowledge. The Doctors, therapists, have attended me kindly, gently with their sincere behavior.
Radiological & Bio chemical

The Pioneer and the Visionary: Meet our Chief Scientific Officer

“Continuous research helps us to deliver the most innovative diagnosis and evidence based phyto treatment techniques in the field of pain management.”
– Apurba Ganguly.


With an understanding that a whole body analysis, dietary habits and a lot more should be considered for individual’s pain solutions, OPTM’s Chief researcher Apurba Ganguly has devised Phytotherapy, a completely scientifically safe method which eliminates the root cause of the problem without the adverse effects of excessive painkillers and drugs. Under the guidance of  OPTM’s Chief researcher Ganguly, the visionary, OPTM has successfully treated 5,00,000 individuals with complicated problems like disc dislocation and failed knee surgery syndrome.

His research presentations have been acknowledged by scientists and doctors from several universities like Manchester University, UK, Bonn University, Germany, School of Medicine, USA, University of Alabama, China Medical University and Hospital of Sirio Lianes, Brazil. Our Chief researcher Ganguly’s method has been awarded the prestigious “Rose of Paracelsus’ award by the president of European Medical Association for his exemplary work.


  • Member Physician of American Academy of Pain Medicine.
  • Member of International Association for the study of Pain. (USA/Singapore)
  • Member of Osteoarthritis Research Society International (ORSI)
  • Awarded with Rose of Paracelsus in Germany
  • Received AYUSH award for outstanding research in Pain and Phytomedicine

Areas of Interest in Research

  • Innovation and invention of new Phyto drugs
  • Effect of Phytochemicals and its function in pain management
  • Understanding Cartilage Cell Biology
  • Understanding Modes of Pain Signaling Pathway
  • Effects of Oxidative Stress and the Development of Osteoarthritis
  • Use of Osteoarthritis Biomarkers
  • Phytomedicine
  • Cartilage regeneration mechanism
  • Use of biochemical markers in osteoarthritis
  • Use of hormonal markers in diagnosis of osteoarthritis
  • Calcium Phosphurus metabolism mechanism in osteoarthritis
Bio Ethic Committee

Prof. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay M.Sc, Ph.D, FNA.Sc, FA.Sc
Former- Pro Vice-Chancellor Calcutta University
Mr. Nand Gopal Khaitan,Director- Khaitan Law Firm
Mr. S.B. Ganguly- Ex Chairman & CEO, Exide Industries.
Dr. Aroon Chaterjee- M.B.B.S Radiologist.
Prof. Sudip Banerjee- M.Sc. Ph.D, Former HOD-Environmental Science Calcutta University.
Mr. Anondeep Ganguly, CEO, NanoPhyto Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd

Published papers

Unlike traditional treatments OPTM’s treatment protocol is medically proven and grounded on evidence-based studies published in leading medical journals which are listed in Pubmed/Medline USA.

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