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5 Reasons why Phytotherapy is the Call of the Day

With rapid validation from modern science about the effectiveness of plant-based medicines, the field of phytomedicine has evolved through generations of development; the latest being backed by scientific evidence. Millinery phytotherapy takes a pluralistic approach. It uses precise extraction technology and modern scientific methods to not only isolate the active ingredient, but also retains the synergistic effects and natural balance in the original plant. Let us now discuss why phytotherapy is the call of the day.

Enhances the Effect of Mainstream Treatment
It has been proven that there are certain shortcomings in allopathic medicines like various side effects and decreasing effectiveness of the medicine with regular use. The properties of millenary phytotherapy never impair the effects of allopathic medicines; they are never in conflict with the properties of the allopathic medicines. On the contrary, they normally enhance the medicinal effects of mainstream treatment.

Advanced Research on Phytomedicines
In areas of Phytomedicine, most medicinal plants are identified for the various bioactive compounds which are then subjected to proper structural analysis. It has been proven that as opposed to synthetic pharmaceuticals which are based on single chemicals, most of the phytomedicines are beneficial because of their synergistic or additive actions. In case of phytomedicines, different chemical compounds act on single or multiple target sites. In fact, it is this pharmacological or additive effect which is instrumental in eliminating the problematic side effects.

Holistic Healthcare Solution
Age is not just a number when you consider the various anomalies that are associated with age. Often traditional medicines fail to create an impact. Phytomedicine is known to offer holistic healthcare solutions to people above the age of 40. This branch of medicine can be effectively used for long term treatment of ailment without any possibility of side effects. With phytomedicines, it is possible to prevent the overuse of allopathic medicines. Often they serve as the perfect adjunct to mainstream treatment options.

New Trends in Phytomedicines
According to modern scientific studies, it has been proven that effects of the whole plant extract is often more beneficial than the single constituents. In fact, researches have shown that there is enhanced bioavailability of plant constituents when they are used as a whole. A method known as synergy is applied in phytomedicines where emphasis is given on the whole rather on the sum of its parts. Most phytomedicines are believed to work better when the original complex mixture is administered.

Principles of Phytomedicine
Phytomedicines have assumed equal importance as orthodox or traditional medicines. In many of the plants, cardioprotective principles have been noticed in various plants. Cardioprotective medicinal plants can help in curbing the effects of cardiovascular diseases. The research in this area is still in nascent stage, but this area of expertise shows great promise.

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