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Centre Of Excellence

Centre of Excellence for restoring Knee Health

“Committed to restore and regenerate knee health without invasive or oral procedure”

Our scientific pain diagnosis technology helps us treating your pain more precisely with our phyto (plant based) pain protocol. Our internationally recognised evidence based phyto pain protocol helps to regain knee symmetry by regenerating muscle strength eliminating inflammation and problems that could cause the knee problems to re-emerge. Our research experience spans over 30 years with a experience of having treated more than 5,00,000 patients globally.
Research finding on this unique novel treatment procedure have been published in reputed International medical journals, acknowledged by Scientists & Doctors from USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa & South East Asia.
* Regain Knee Symmetry
* Regain Knee Flexion with improved muscle strength.
* Improve Blood Circulation in case of patient suffering with osteoarthritis and varicose veins.
* Reduction of Genu-Varum.

Centre of Excellence for restoring Spine Health

“ Committed to restore spine stability and function with scientifically acknowledged diagnosis procedure”

X-Ray or MRI reports does not show muscle damage or the rate of skeleton muscle damage. At OPTM’s Spine centre with our expertise and scientifically acknowledged diagnosis procedure we are able to treat your common or complex spine disorders more precisely. Our evidence based phyto (plant based) protocol helps to regenerate the damaged muscle helping overall spine stability and function.
Research finding on this unique diagnosis procedure have been published in a special issue in a reputed International medical journal, acknowledged by Scientitis & Doctors from New York Chiropractic College USA.

  • Better posture and balance
  • Feeling stronger
  • Full breath and ease of movement
  • Relief and recovery from old injuries and pains, no matter how longstanding (even elderly clients report this.)
  • Improved balance/feeling more stable on feet
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