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Health Tips to Avoid Knee Pain


Knee Injuries and Knee Pain are inevitable but follow the below lifestyle tips to help stay pain-free as long as possible.

1. Maintain your weight.

Extra weight increases the chances of developing osteoarthritis. Excess weight causes stress on the knees and this increases the chances of knee injuries. Therefore maintain a weight that’s appropriate for your size and age.

2. Warm up.

Before starting any kind of exercise always warm up your muscles and then stretch. Never stretch muscles that have not been warmed up as this could lead to injuries.

When muscles in the front and back of your thighs are stretched, tension on your tendons decreases, ultimately relieving pressure on the knees

3. Wear sensible shoes with a good fit.

Wearing the right shoes is extremely important, most people do not give this any importance.

Right shoes help you maintain proper leg alignment and balance, ultimately preventing knee injuries.

4. Do low-impact exercise.

When at the gym, opt for exercises that do not impact your knees like a rowing machine or a cross-country skiing machine. Both give a good workout with low impact on your knees.

5. Swim or walk.

Outside of the gym swimming or walking are great exercises that do not impact your knee.

6. Weight train.

When your leg muscles are strong your knees are better supported. Weight training is a great way to strengthen knees but ensure that you consult an expert first. Weight training done with incorrect posture can do you a lot of harm. Make sure you learn the right way to lift weights as well to prevent knee injuries.

7. Stay active.

Decreasing activity leads to weakness and increases your chances of injuries. An active body is a healthy body.

8. Workout Intensity should not change suddenly.

Sudden changes in the intensity of your exercise cause stress to your body and especially your knee joints. Be sure to build up gradually to avoid any kind of knee pain.

We live in an extremely fast-paced lifestyle where often times one doesn’t always follow the tips given to us. Also, age plays a big factor where all kinds of aches and pains arise. At OPTM Healthcare, we strive to provide you with optimal pain management services. Our plant-based phytotherapy is all natural and takes away the need for surgery.













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