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Do You Know – Degenerative Changes in Lumbar Region Always Lead to Bilateral Degenerative Changes in Knee-Joints and Vice-Versa:


The Lifestyle of modern days leads to many health problems. Right now I am discussing Knee joint pain; Disc compression; Back pain problems how it starts and affects our entire muscular system if not diagnosed properly. Knee joint pain may arise from a disc protrusion in the back. The nerves that transmit the sensation of pain to the legs and feet are located in the lower back region.With ageing, discs between the vertebrae bulge out and compressed the nerves, sending pain signals. During the investigation of patients, we found that if a disc is compressing the nerves on the above locators, the pain is always felt in the knee region. Similarly, we observed in patients that if the pain is in the knee region then there is always degenerative tissue damage in the knee region. In almost all cases compression in the above lumbar vertebral levels take place, even though patients may not feel any pain in the affected regions.






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Five hundred forty-eight (37 males and 26 females) patients from OPTM Health Care were enrolled in this study. This study was approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee and all participants signed an informed consent form for physical examinations, blood samples collection and X-ray reports.

The perception of pain through gait control theory was promulgated five decades ago. It involves a process of inhibitory pain modulator at the spinal cord level. The present paper aims with detailed observations, involving a large number of patients, that knee joint pain may not be felt when there are degenerative changes in the lumbar region due to disc compression. But disc compression at lumbar region always leads to degenerative changes in the knees, whether the pain is felt or not. Similarly, knee joint pain with degenerative tissue damage is always associated with disc compression at lumbar region, whether the pain is felt or not. This phenomenon is obvious in a large number of patients irrespective of sex, age, body weight, lifestyle and ethnic barriers, examined with either pain in knee joints or in the lumbar region. This research is supported by anatomical measurements, radiological and biochemical reports.

This present study reveals for the first time a new method of anatomical measurements with supportive clinical observations.


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