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Apurba Ganguly is a researcher, scientist and inventor who envisaged a happy and healthy society. His pioneering research work has become an integral part of alternative medicine that advocates the process of eradicating stress disorder and pain permanently. In 2011, Apurba Ganguly went beyond the limitations of traditional medical practices and founded OPTM Health Care which together with AG Herbs offers natural unique solutions with its Organic Phyto Therapeutic Method. Through his dedicated research, spanning over 30 years, he brought hope to millions across the world suffering from stress and chronic pain.

✓ Member Physician of American Academy of Pain Medicine.
✓ Member of International Association for the study of Pain. (USA/Singapore)
✓ Member of Osteoarthritis Research Society International (ORSI)
✓ Member of West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology.

✓ Invention of new Phyto Drugs
✓ Phytochemicals and its Function in Pain Management
✓ Cartilage Cell Biology
✓ Pain Signalling Pathway
✓ Oxidative Stress and the Development of Osteoarthritis
✓ Osteoarthritis Biomarkers

Apurba Ganguly's principal research goal has been to discover the basic mechanisms relevant to joint tissue destruction in osteoarthritis and the role of phytochemicals in altering them.
Osteoarthritis (OA) is the leading cause of pain and disability in older adults. A better mechanistic understanding of OA has helped him to develop powerful phytomedicine that can heal or stop disease progression.
What he has learned is that Oxidative by products can damage many tissues over time, in the joint, the brain, heart, and skin. Apurba Ganguly says using oral supplements enriched with antioxidants to block oxygen species hasn’t been very effective in the treatment of age related diseases. Pain causes irregular blood flow due to inflammation, stiffness, loss of tonicity of muscle etc. hence these antioxidants are not capable of reaching the damaged site.
OPTM's unique evidence based phytotherapy, innovated by him, not only addresses inflammatory mediators but also aims at limiting tissue destruction and prevent further oxidative injury and deterioration of associated musculoskeletal deficits in Osteoarthritis. Additional interests in Obtaining Knee Symmetry in Osteoarthritis, with his unique topical phytotherapeutic protocol. His manuscript has been published in a repute international journal.
Apart from being interested in Pain and its mechanism he has also invented New Phyto formulations with isolated molecules for treating Urinary Incontinence, Varicose Vein and host of other chronic and acute disorders.