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Our Protocol

Chemical Stimulation

Phytochemicals are extracted from various medicinal plants as “water extraction” and then mixed with oils at 4°C without using any preservatives or chemicals, so that the phytochemical properties of the plants are preserved intact. This entire process is executed on seasonal basis when the phytochemical components are present in the particular plants at optimal level, as because all the plants do not have medical values throughout, i.e.; composition of phytochemicals do not remain in the plants throughout the year, it has specific, time, age, season and environment. The paste of two oils and cream in equal ratio is to be applied on skin from upper part of the back region to down to the toes, with a patient lying on prone position as well as from the groin to toes lying in supine position with circular motion with the help of tip of three fingers – as a result the necessary phytochemicals of the paste can easily penetrate through the enlarged pores of the skin by diffusion process and travel to various tissues, glands and organs of the body. Again with the help of exothermic exergonic reactions (a type of chemical reaction), architecture and the metabolic processes of contraction of the muscle is achieved by phytochemicals – subject to tetanus (occurs when a motor unit has been maximally stimulated by its motor neuron.) of muscles. Therefore, immediately after contraction is released, the blood flow increases considerably and oxygen supply is greater than in the resting condition of muscle, because muscle converts chemical energy into mechanical energy.

Micro Computer Stimulation

For electrical stimulation, when a low frequency electric current of the same quantity which flows in the human body is given into the body by a low frequency micro computerized muscle stimulator run by a battery of DC 9 volt having frequency of 1.5 – 75 Hz, strength of 10° with 6 kinds of stimulation patterns such as pound (heavy, beating sensation), rub, beat, massage, slacken and pound (taping sensation). The nerves are stimulated, the muscle movements are activated and blood flow is promoted.
Moreover, it is observed that after stimulation, there is a brief period during which muscle is not excitable to second stimulus. Therefore, in the first phase of treatment, the paste of two oils and a cream composition of phytochemicals is applied (produce chemical stimulation) on the skin and mechanical transverse wave by way of vibration with the help of tips of three finger manipulation and wooden device (produce mechanical stimulation) and wrapping the affected portion with flexible HERBO MEDICATED pads which produce thermal stimulation and then wait for some time for the second phase of treatment. In the second phase of treatment, micro computerized muscle stimulator operated by a small battery cell of DC 9 volts (produce electrical stimulation) simultaneously. Thus the chemical (paste), mechanical (transverse wave by vibration), thermal (heat) and electrical (micro computerized muscle stimulator) stimuli are applied on various connective tissues through the skin, simultaneously, in order to stimulate muscles, blood flow etc and to nourish the tissue cells. These also help to disperse coagulated blood or effusion which might be present in the affected area of the patient due to several reasons.ues.

Mechanical Stimulation

For the mechanical stimulation, muscular contraction in the body is usually evoked by nerve impulses arriving at the endplates i.e. the places in the muscles where the naked axon of motor nerve ends by piercing the sarcolemma of the muscle. Thus, the tetanus in the muscles rises due to the mechanical phenomena.
The transverse wave has been developed with the tips of three finger manipulation as well as by a wooden device developed for this purpose with “connective tissue massage theory” and “spine and joint manipulative theory”. The wooden device is used in order to avoid the production of static electric current which is produced due to hand manipulation of the skin surface and also to maintain the uniform pressure over the compressed nerve roots. Therefore, the uniform transverse connective tissue massage by way of mechanical stimulation helps to stimulate blood circulation making stiff and aching muscles relax and also to disperse any coagulated blood or effusion which might be present in the affected area(s). Moreover, a large number of tissues and functional systems are only slightly or not at all sensitive to a single stimulus unless otherwise they are applied repeatedly and for sufficient time jointly with chemical and mechanical stimuli. The application of paste (chemical) with the help of tips of three fingers and wooden device (mechanical) serve this purpose as the main functions of the spinal cord, which is composed of two kinds of nervous pathways – sensory and motor, are conduction of excitation (nerve impulse) and the reflex actively. The impulses are transmitted to the spinal cord from the periphery (i.e.; skin, muscles, etc.) along the ascending pathway to the brain. The lumbar and sacral segments of the spinal cord contain the centre of the pelvic muscles and muscles of the lower extremities.
During the course of the research, it has been detected that the uniform, slow, steady and progressive increase of heat up to a particular degree of temperature (as opposed to the sudden and irregular heat generally applied) provides healing and effective from the aches and pains because it alters the local blood flow and dissipates the pains, since the pathways of the thermal signals and pain signals are almost same. Therefore, for the thermal stimulations, a herbo medicated pad has been developed by our CRO.
The number of pads are wrapped from the origin to the insertions of all muscles affecting the movement of knee joints in different positions such as supine position, prone position, right and left contra lateral positions, over the skin, after the application of paste of two oils and cream in equal proportion according to the quantum of damaged muscles within the maximum limit of control temperature at 106°F(41°C) passing through various mediums created in the pad. In case of thermal changes of muscular contraction, heat is produced in the course of muscle activity into two phases i.e. Initial heat (12) which is produced during mechanical response in a single twitch and is composed of heat of activation, heat of shortening and heat of maintenance and recovery heat (12), which is produced after mechanical response is ended at low rate and for a long time.
In the absence of oxygen, the heat of recovery is diminished, but in the presence of oxygen, the total recovery heat is equal to sum of total initial heat and work done. Moreover, the total energy liberated in a muscle twitch (E) is equal to sum of activation of heat (A), work done (W) and the heat of shortening (ax). This relation is true for the whole of contraction and for any part of it. Moreover, considering the various aspects of stimulation of muscles such as local excitatory state, propagatory excitatory state, accommodation, later addition, Chronaxie, frequency of stimulation, respective excitability, Wednesky inhibition and refractory period, the combined stimuli of chemical (paste) and thermal (through designed pads) are applied in order to achieve the optimal functional behavior of muscles and tissues.

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