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Our Research


In order to contribute to knowledge in this area and maintain the best possible standards of care, OPTM Health Care has an active research program.

A number of projects have been conducted which has helped us to understand the mechanisms of pain and to evaluate the effectiveness of our phyto treatments. All treatments are evaluated and patients are requested to complete our unique PAINDIAGNOC2A2R test before and after treatment to enable us to determine how effective their treatment has been.

All research projects are approved and monitored by our institution’s ethics committee who ensure that the research is worthwhile and properly conducted.
Our groundbreaking, innovative research has made a real difference in the world of pain management and Phytomedicine. Our ambition is to drive positive changes and to make an impact on patients suffering from the muscular and neurological disorder. A growing community of research excellence OPTM Research Institute has a strong research culture that values and encourages oodles of research related to pain and Phytomedicine.

“Continuous research helps us to deliver the most innovative diagnosis and phyto treatment techniques in the field of pain management.” – Apurba Ganguly CRO- OPTM Health Care & Research Institute.

OPTM’s research findings have been disseminated through series of papers and journal articles.

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