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Topical Phytotherapy is the Nobel Approach for Revision of Total Knee Replacement: A Unique Case Study

Total knee replacement (TKR) is a common and ultimate treatment of knee osteoarthritis (KOA) in India and other parts of the globe. Basically, the concept of TKR is mainly to relief pain and improvement of performance in daily activities [1,2]. However, TKR is done on the basis of different prostheses design such as cruciate retaining, posterior
stabilized and high flexion posterior stabilized prostheses [2-6]. According to Julin J et al. there is a risk of prosthesis failure in young age groups of <55 years old due to infection, obesity, physical activity, loosening, osteolysis, etc. and needs revision for further prosthesis [7-9]. In an earlier study, surgical outcome revealed dissatisfaction in patients [10]. In the present report, it was aimed to detect efficacy of topical phytotherapeutic treatment for preventing the revision of TKR with normalization of daily functional activities without pain, reduction of body weights and also improved the damaged knee-joints in four Indian patients.
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Knee-osteoarthritis (KOA) can only be treated by total knee replacement (TKR), which is a well-known surgical intervention in the globe. But in some cases, TKR failed in the operated knee-joint as well as non-operated knee-joint may pose risk of KOA. In general, patients are advised to undergo revision of TKR when two prostheses of femoral
and tibial compartments are prolapsed or loosen or such other reasons as well as non-operating knee-joint needs to be operated urgently. The phytotherapy with Indian medicinal plants is well-established. The present case study was aimed to determine the efficacy of topical phytotherapeutic treatment for 90 days in order to prevent the
revision of TKR, improve the pain and functional performance in daily activities in four Indian patients. After 90 days of topical phytotherapy treatment, the results were observed a significant decrease in pain in
both the legs and lower back under visual analogue scale (p<0.05), improvement of pain (p<0.05), stiffness (p<0.05) and physical function (p<0.05) under WOMAC Index, a significant improvement in the Karnofsky scale (<0.05), reduction of obesity confirmed by body mass index (p<0.05) and normal radiological features. In conclusion, failed
TKR can be treated by phytotherapy without further revision evidenced by normalization of above-mentioned parameters.






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By-Apurba Ganguly
Founder and Head Researcher, OPTM Research Institute, India




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